• Response to today’s letter in Ottery Herald

    18th May 2012 | News | Claire
  • I have deliberately not blogged my views about WHRA’s actions relating to their workshop, which involved identifying and publishing sites for future development in West Hill. 

    This is partly because I do not wish to cause ill-feeling between myself and the association, and partly because I did not want to draw additional attention to this issue, subsequent to the Ottery Town Council meeting on Tuesday 1 May.

    However, after reading today’s letter I decided I had no option but to make clear my position, following an untrue accusation that I misled Ottery St Mary Town Council, at its meeting on Tuesday 1 May.

    The gist of the letter appears to focus on town councillors believing that the workshop results were submitted to EDDC – a misunderstanding WHRA seems to be saying, is down to me. 

    Nowhere did I state in my written or verbal report to Ottery Town Council, that this was the case.

    Everything I said in my written and verbal report was factually correct and I stand by it.

    My main concern with the workshop on 17 April, as I have explained to WHRA and Ottery Town Council, was that site specific information was published, which could be misused by developers. 

    I have worked with WHRA’s committee for several years and when I first moved to West Hill seven years ago, became an active member of their group.  I have worked with the team on numerous issues during that time, and like and respect them.

    But my duty first and foremost is to the residents of the ward that I represent.  It would be remiss of me to remain silent when I was experiencing great unease about a course of action that was being taken, and that I (and all my West Hill town council colleagues) believed could be damaging to the village. 

    I hope that we can move forward in a positive way and continue working together.