• Residents turn out for Kelly

    5th March 2013 | News | Claire
  • Around 25 residents from across East Devon came along to hear Kelly’s case and EDDC’s defence.

    Planning inspector, Olivia Spencer listened to both sides carefully, as well as inviting residents who wanted to speak, to join us at the round table for a discussion.

    The case hinged on: the site having established residential use, highways and the access, sustainability and the fact that the site is outside Tipton St John’s built up area boundary.

    Among supporters who spoke up for Kelly were: 

    – agent, John Watts
    – me
    – Ottery rural county councillor, Roger Giles
    – Ottery town council mayor, Glyn Dobson
    – neighbours, including Sue White
    – previous landowners, including farmer, Mr Burroughs
    – Cllr Ken Potter, who remembered accompanying his father to buy a horse from the man (Kelly’s grandfather) who lived on the site in the 1940s!

    The hearing started at 10am and continued until almost 3pm, after which Ms Spencer went to have a look at the site with EDDC planning officers and some of Kelly’s supporters.

    The inspector’s decision will be made in six to eight weeks.