• EDDC report on Ottery town council planning row to remain private

    7th July 2014 | News | Claire
  • Last December, a major row broke out at a town council meeting over the publication on this blog, of information that the council would meet privately with Persimmon. Cllr Roger Giles was the main focus for the unpleasantness.

    This evening, mayor, Cllr Glyn Dobson said that two Ottery town councillors had contacted the monitoring officer requesting that her report not be published. The monitoring officer supported the two councillors and confirmed that she agreed with their position.

    All other town councillors had given their consent for the full report to be made public.

    West Hill resident, Philip Algar said that the town council’s reputation had been “severely damaged” by what had happened and asked the mayor how he felt about a small minority of councillors vetoing the publication of the report.  Cllr Dobson replied that it had been the monitoring officer’s decision.

    Photograph: The West Hill field that Persimmon wants to build on.