• EDDC’s private meeting with Ottery St Mary Town Council

    16th March 2012 | News | Claire
  • Ottery St Mary Meeting

    5.1 The fundamental point made for Ottery was that the overall housing figure was too high and it was not felt that evidence had been provided to justify the figure. It was very strongly felt that the Town Council was best placed to judge the correct number of houses and that there was no justification for planning for a higher number. The Town Council advised of the extensive work they had done in justifying there preferred numbers. The point was made that the overall number of homes planned for East Devon has dropped and yet the number allocated for Ottery St. Mary has increased with no strategic justification.

    5.2 Whilst overall housing numbers were challenged it was confirmed that the preference was for Ottery St Mary to expand in a westerly direction (but with fewer homes than proposed in the 2011 draft of the Local Plan). The Cutler Hammer site was highlighted as a priority for regeneration as it was currently detrimental to the character of the town. It was felt that in considering reuse of this site, and any planning proposals, the District Council should take serious note of the representations and views of the Town Council.

    5.3 In terms of employment land a figure of 3 hectares, in addition to the undeveloped industrial land already allocated at Finnimore Industrial Estate, was felt to be disproportionate to the scale of the town. There was not thought to be evidence to justify this figure and it was considered that the Tym’s report implied lower levels to be appropriate.
    5.4 It was felt that more consideration was needed to proposed changes to the town centre boundaries.

    5.5 There was an overarching concern that the District Council had not taken onboard or produced a plan in line with the Town Council’s aspirations and in this respect had not considered Ottery in the same way as other towns. There was also the view that current consultation (this weeks discussions) should have taken place over past years.

    Potential development sites and town council feedback will be debated at Tuesday’s Local Plan Panel meeting, starting at 9am at the Knowle, Sidmouth.

    Members of the public are welcome to observe the meeting.