• Redrow Homes fly ‘victory flags’ in Ottery

    2nd February 2013 | News | Claire
  • The piece of land between Higher Ridgeway and Butts Road is now sporting three enormous flags with Redrow branding, presumably to advertise their forthcoming housing scheme.

    Residents of Higher Ridgeway, who lost a hard fought battle against the scheme, which is now seen as one of the most controversial appeals ever allowed by a planning inspector in East Devon, are aggrieved about the flags, branding them “victory flags.” They have questioned whether Redrow Homes are allowed to erect such large advertising signs without planning permission.

    Interestingly, a resident who lives on the other side of the town was subject to enforcement action some time last year, for flying a Devon flag without planning permission.

    EDDC’s planning enforcement team have now been notified by Cllr Roger Giles. 

    Hopefully, the offending flags, which do appear to be a rather insensitive gesture by the developer at best, and a gloating one at worst, will be a temporary fixture.

    Photograph:  Picture taken today of the flags.  Many thanks to the resident who allowed me access to his upstairs window, so I could get a reasonable shot!