• Recording of meetings schedule to be complete by end of year

    15th July 2013 | News | Claire
  • In response to my question, the officer explained that the next meeting to be recorded after the overview and scrutiny committee meeting on 25 July, would be the development management committee meeting in September.

    Following this, other key meetings would gradually be added to the schedule until the end of the year, when it is expected that the full calendar of meetings below, would be recorded:

    – Full council
    – Cabinet
    – Development management committee
    – Overview and scrutiny committee
    – Housing review board
    – Audit and governance
    – Licensing and enforcement committee
    – Standards committee

    The reason for the implementation time was to ensure the administration for the new system was properly in place, said the officer.

    EDDC’s overview and scrutiny committee recommended in January, that key meetings should be recorded,  Officer advice was that the new protocols should be agreed by annual council in May, with a direction that the constitution be amended.