• Record important trees on Woodland Trust map

    16th April 2013 | News | Claire
  • The trust has created a database of important trees, whether they be ancient oaks, veteran trees or trees viewed as important to its community.

    I note from the interactive map that there aren’t too many entries for East Devon – and not West Hill (which is a woodland village after all!), so perhaps now is the time to start walking around our villages, recording where our important and loved trees are, and registering them with the Woodland Trust website.

    My understanding is that although this will not mean the recorded trees are protected by law – unless they have tree preservation orders (TPOs) attached to them – it will raise awareness of the tree’s importance to the community and will have the additional benefit of being recorded on a national tree protection charity’s website.

    Here’s the interactive map and background information:  http://www.ancient-tree-hunt.org.uk/discoveries/interactivemap