• Questions for the leader at Wednesday’s full council

    25th February 2013 | News | Claire
  • Question 1

    On 27 March this council, along with many others, could lose control altogether of being able to determine any planning application using its adopted Local Plan, following the rules set out in the National Planning Policy Framework.

    Will the leader be making representations to central government, requesting that this date be deferred by at least a year to allow councils across the country to get their Local Plans up-to-date?

    Question 2

    Minute 51 of the Development Management Committee meeting of 5 February concerning the five year land supply relates to a crucially important matter with implications for all members of the council.

    Why is this decision a starred item, which denies the majority of councillors any involvement in the decision?

    The full council meeting starts at 6.30pm on Wednesday 27 February. Members of the public are entitled to speak or ask questions at the start.