• Protest to kick off on Thursday over Devon’s looming shady accountable care system

    19th March 2018 | News | Claire
  • The demonstration is scheduled for 12.00 midday at County Hall, Exeter

    SOHS Devon are calling for these ICS plans to be fully scrutinised to ensure that the Healthcare of the County is not put into further crisis as seen to reach a peak particularly in A&E in recent weeks.

    In an extraordinary move, DCC Health & Adult Care Scrutiny Committee has been forced to allow an urgent item on the agenda about the subject at 2.00pm on Thursday 22nd March at County Hall, Exeter, after a challenge by Councillors to a DCC Cabinet decision to allow the introduction of ICS without any consultation or scrutiny.

    SOHS Devon are concerned that the Scrutiny Committee were not aware of the plan to introduce Integrated Care Systems across Devon and have raised 12 questions in a letter to Dr Tim Burke, Chair of the NEW Clinical Commissioning Group and SOHS campaigners will address the Committee at 2.00pm on Thursday raising these same questions which cover governance, accountability, and seek clarity as to how the NHS principle of providing a comprehensive health service for everyone who needs it, free at the point of need, is going to survive
    when merged into this cash-strapped, means tested, largely privatised system.

    All Devon residents are invited to join under the SOHS banner to demand answers to questions that will impact on everyone’s healthcare in the future.

    North Devon campaigners are arranging a coach to join the protest while South, East and mid Devon campaigners are expected to join the protest at 12.00 outside.

    Presentations will be made to the Clinical Commissioning Group meeting at 1.00pm and to the DCC Health & Adult Care Scrutiny Committee at 2.00pm as both meetings are being held at County Hall on Thursday.