• Aylesbeare:  Please have your say on 50 houses on 4 January

    13th December 2011 | News | Claire
  • The proposals are based on a survey in Aylesbeare’s Parish Plan, which was published around 4-5 years ago. 

    It found that there was some support for more development in Aylesbeare.

    Aylesbeare Parish Council has lodged proposals for 50 houses with East Devon District Council for the East Devon Local Plan process, which sets development levels in the district for the next 15 years. 

    To create this level of development the parish council is likely to be asked to develop a Neighbourhood Plan.  This is because East Devon District Council plans to grow villages by around five percent – equivalent to around five homes in Aylesbeare. 

    If a Neighbourhood Plan was produced for extra development in the village, more than half the residents would need to support the plans in a referendum, for them to proceed.

    I have been contacted by some residents who are opposed to this number of houses and I have assured them that I would not support any level of development which was not backed by the majority of people.  Leaflets are being delivered to residents (by concerned residents) to let them know about the plans and to urge people to attend the public meeting on Wednesday 4 January.

    I am sure that Aylesbeare Parish Council will be responsive to local opinion and adapt their plans accordingly.

    The really important thing is that residents attend and speak at the parish council’s meeting to debate plans, on Wednesday 4 January at 7.30pm, in Aylesbeare Village Hall. 

    Attending this meeting and having your say is the best way of ensuring that the village receives an allocation of housing that the majority of residents would support.  The outcome of this meeting and debate will be fed back into the Local Plan, currently out for consultation.  The parish council meeting is part of that consultation, which ends on 31 January. 

    After this date (and parish meeting) it will be harder to influence future housing numbers for Aylesbeare (and everywhere else in East Devon for that matter).

    I look forward to seeing you there.