• President Trump’s first shocking week

    31st January 2017 | News | Claire
  • Reading reports on Sunday of people who were flying back to the States and their families, jobs, homes and children but were deported even before they arrived in America was just incredible.

    The sinister nature of the ban reminded me of elements of Margaret Attwood’s Handmaid’s Tale, a disturbing novel about a religious fundamentalist sect seizing control of the US government.

    Trump – the paranoid climate change denying, crass sexist, racist fool, appears to have already made the subtle shift to Trump – the ruthless semi-totalitarian dictator, while still bizarrely referring to himself as ‘leader of the free world.’

    His first fury was over the lacklustre crowds pictured at his inauguration.  But the following day I was amazed to hear Sean Spicer, head of PR and Trump’s adviser, slamming the media for reporting so-called inaccurate images and declaring the event had the “largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.”

    With breathtaking speed, Trump’s first actions, the very night he became president was to delete the climate change information from the White House website. Next he ordered the removal of the section advocating rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

    Instead, Mrs Trump’s businesses were swiftly promoted on the presidential website.

    It appeared that President Trump’s priorities were clearly established on day one.

    Then there was a crackdown on abortion. An order to withdraw funding from international charities that support abortion. The photograph of five middle aged white men looking on as Trump signed the order was chilling.

    As the week drew on, I awaited the next statement with trepidation. Each one left me completely stunned. 

    Next, came an announcement that the American Embassy in Israel would move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a disputed territory and an aggressive action that Palestine declared would signal the end of the long and hard fought peace process.

    Then there were Trump’s claims that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote due to the votes of illegal immigrants. When challenged about this during a television interview, Trump continued to insist it was true, despite the journalist patiently pointing out it was a claim that had been investigated and found to have no foundation whatsoever.

    In that same interview Trump landed another bombshell. That he supported the use of torture during interrogation, namely water boarding -a vile technique that simulates drowning. And one that many experts believe does not work, instead inducing false memories and psychosis.

    On Wednesday there was an announcement that he would proceed with an environmentally catastrophic oil pipeline – a project abandoned by Obama as it threatened native Indian sacred land and even their drinking water.

    His plans to build a $15bn wall on the Mexico border was moved forward, along with the insistence that Mexico should pay for it. Something that the Mexican president quite understandably, refuses to do.

    All week President Trump accused various respected media outlets of circulating fake news, while blithely lying about those same issues in order to defend his own indefensible position.

    When presented with the facts, the newly elected most powerful man in the world simply yells “fake news!” in the hope his citizens will believe him and ignore the evidence that belie his words. 

    Then to top the week, on Friday, our own prime minister had the dubious honour of being the first world leader to visit him as president. Theresa May, desperate for a trade deal – apparently any trade deal – after Brexit, emerged from the White House wearing a horrible dayglo orange suit, which matched Trump’s horrible dayglo orange tie.  It was like watching a caricature of a bride and groom at their garish inane wedding. 

    In just a few short weeks President Trump has offended China, the European Union, NATO countries, Palestine, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine and Mexico.

    Impeachment before President Trump starts world war three and destroys what’s left of our planet seems our only hope.