• Potential housing sites at West Hill to be examined

    21st May 2012 | News | Claire
  • 17 sites for potential housing developments at West Hill, have been submitted by landowners.

    The pieces of land are:

    –  five sites at Toadpit Lane (CO89, CO35, CO72, C205, CO38)
    –  two sites next to Eastfield (C125, CO50)
    –  one site next to Windmill Lane (CO86)
    –  one site off West Hill Road, opposite McColls (C073)
    –  one site next to Elsdon Lane (C146)
    –  three sites at Lower Broad Oak Road (CO27, CO25, CO15)
    –  four sites at Higher Metcombe (CO13, CO16, C001, W317)
    –  one site west of Brackendown (CO88)

    West Hill has been allocated around 35 houses until 2026, under East Devon District Council’s Local Plan.

    Following this process, EDDC will do some work to assess the suitability of possible sites from a technical perspective, prior to contacting town and parish councils again, in the autumn.

    At this stage, town and parish councils will be expected to consult their residents on the best possible site or sites.

    I have asked the EDDC strategic planning team to give us as much notice as possible about the consultation time frame, so we can book venues and advertise the events a long time in advance, to ensure as many people who want a say, have a say.

    I will be working with Ottery St Mary Town Council on how we best consult residents. 

    Map:  Showing the sites submitted by landowners, for housing at West Hill.

    Key:  Pink = not developable, yellow = 2009 submission, red = 2012 Local Plan submission, vertical stripes = developable, black line = built-up area boundary