• Political leaders need to act urgently on catastrophic climate breakdown

    13th February 2019 | News | Claire
  • I’ve been keeping an eye on this for years, kickstarting a wildflower verge project in 2013 and proposing motions to get Devon County Council to drop neonic pesticides that are so deadly to bees and various other stuff.

    Caused by agricultural intensification, climate change and relentless development ‘insectageddon’ is catastrophic and MUST be reversed urgently.

    It’s the primary responsibility of governments of course but we can also do our bit to help… feed the birds seed and keep it topped up esp in the winter, be a happy relaxed gardener, leave areas of wilderness and most importantly never ever use pesticides….

    Later this month a motion is before Devon County Council full council on declaring a climate emergency in Devon…. I am wholeheartedly backing it.

    Everything but everything I have read on this subject for years has convinced me that we’re teetering on a precipice and while governments across the globe stare at their navels our planet is dying. Terrifyingly fast. And we are causing its demise.

    We must make politicians act urgently and decisively. Now. Here’s the news link – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-47203344#