• Guidelines for commenting on this blog

    20th April 2014 | News | Claire
  • I really enjoy getting comments on my blog – negative and positive – because it is a useful way of finding out what residents think on a range of issues.

    But there are rules that commenters must follow, to ensure that any comment published under my name, complies with defamation laws and the councillor’s code of conduct.

    Please take note of the following guidelines when using my blog for comments:

    – do not defame any individual (post an untrue damaging statement about someone)

    – do not criticise council officers. (EDDC’s monitoring officer has advised me that this may breach the councillor’s code of conduct)

    – criticising councillors, however, is fine (providing you are not defamatory or offensive)

    – use your real name. If I know who you are then I will probably post your comment, but it is helpful if readers also know who you are.

    – If I have reason to believe that you are using a false name and you post what could be construed as a malicious comment, from now on I will ask you to confirm your true identity, via a private email.

    If this request is refused, ignored, or false information is given, your comment will be deleted without being published.

    While I welcome robust commentary from anyone with any view, I will not allow my blog to be abused by individuals using false names attempting to damage mine or anyone else’s reputation, with spurious or unsubstantiated claims.

    I have put a link to this post under “useful information.”

    Many thanks