• Planning system online failure hinders councillors and residents

    22nd June 2012 | News | Claire
  • Hi Ian

    I am getting increasingly frustrated with the number of times that the planning online service has been out of action recently.  In the past two to three weeks it has been down for days at a time, which is annoying for residents trying to read documentation and it is also hampering councillors trying to get on with their work of monitoring and commenting on applications.

    No one minds the system being down occasionally for short periods but the unavailability of documentation is getting to be several times a week, for long periods at a time.

    It is starting to become a constraint to both councillors doing their job and a real problem for residents trying to monitor applications that affect them.

    I would be grateful for an assurance that whatever the problems the system is having they will be completely resolved shortly – and for good.

    Many thanks