• Planning expert: Feniton developers on a “hiding to nothing”

    9th September 2013 | News | Claire
  • Feniton has already received 50 houses on appeal last year, and residents and EDDC planning officers are gearing up for appeals, totalling almost 250, growing the village by around 40 percent. 

    Feniton residents are worn down by repeated major applications and flooding events, but are determined to battle on.

    Andrew Lainton, a London-based planning blogger, who the CPRE worked with to try and improve the draft National Planning Policy Framework in 2011, has posted a blog this morning, in which he argues that the developers wanting to build at Feniton “are on a hiding to nothing” because of new guidance recently released by the government on prematurity.

    He states that if any inspector allowed these appeals, the plan-making process would be undermined.

    This is because EDDC’s local plan, although not yet considered by the inspector, or adopted, is nearing that stage.

    Mr Lainton observes quite rightly, that EDDC’s local plan focuses development to the west, such as at Cranbrook, adding: “Indeed I don’t think even masarati driving planning barristers can see a way out of this one.”

    The news will give Feniton residents a new ray of hope. Let’s keep our fingers crossed he is right!

    Here’s the blog – http://andrewlainton.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/feniton-super-inquiry-to-be-first-test-of-revised-guidance-on-prematurity-nppf/

    Photograph:  The field subject to an appeal by Wainhomes for 83 houses, in flood earlier this year.  A large number of flood relief tanks are proposed by the developer to avoid flooding other residents in the village.  Surprisingly, the Environment Agency have indicated that this is acceptable.