• Planning agent councillors to be vetoed in code of conduct

    23rd July 2013 | News | Claire
  • And similar rules will apply to officers.

    An officer who conducted a consultation with officers and councillors since the last standards committee meeting in June, confirmed that she had received three responses to the consultation, all supportive that the new national guidance should be applied by EDDC.

    The guidance, which can be viewed via this blog – http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/eddc_to_consult_on_new_guidance_on_councillors_as_planning_agents/ was published by the Local Government Association and Planning Advisory Service, in April.

    Cllr Susie Bond asked what guidance there was relating to councillors meeting privately with developers. Officer advice was that any such invites should be treated with caution.  It was primarily something that should be done through officers. 

    There was national guidance written by the Local Government Association, confirmed the officer.

    Cllr Roger Giles asked that this guidance (meeting with developers in private) also be sent to town and parish councils.  This was agreed.

    Unlike the social media policy, which was also discussed this morning and is set to be adopted at Wednesday’s (tomorrow) full council meeting, the guidance for councillors is set to be adopted by full council on 9 October.