• Pick it up! New campaign to start against dog fouling

    24th January 2013 | News | Claire
  • East Devon District Council’s Environmental Health department is about to launch a campaign to deal with problem offenders in a different way.

    Areas identified as ‘hot spots’ where fouling has become a real problem will have a stencil sprayed-painted on the ground that displays a picture of a dog, accompanied by the words: ‘pick it up’. The stencil washes away after about three weeks and there will also be posters in the same locations linking to the stencilling and the message. 

    Many of the places identified as problem areas are footpaths and long narrow walk-ways, where patrolling is difficult, so it is hoped that this new approach will deter regular offenders.

    Staff from the Envrionmental Health department are still urging people to be vigilant though. It is only by identifying offenders that fining or prosecution can take place.