• Over 100 scots pines for the chop in West Hill

    11th April 2013 | News | Claire
  • 112 of the distinctive trees in Broad Oak wood are to come down in a “thinning” exercise, including an area over an acre containing 37 scots pines, to be completely cleared.

    See blog of yesterday here – http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/over_an_acre_of_woodland_to_be_felled_at_west_hill/

    All traces of rhododendron are also being removed.

    At a time when woodlands all over the country are at risk from disease, it is very sad to lose so many trees in this way.  In East Devon there are great patches of scrubland laid bare, after acre upon acre of native species has been ripped out, due to disease. 

    Our forests and woodlands are probably more at risk now from either disease or development, than they have ever been before.

    I have been out and about leafleting and talking to residents today and yesterday and many are bewildered and unhappy over the loss of so many trees.

    Photograph: Part of the woodland to be felled, between Broad Oak Close and Heather Grange, West Hill.