• Ottery Town Council unanimously rejects 19 houses at Tipton

    3rd August 2013 | News | Claire
  • The meeting, which took place last Monday evening, was attended by around 30 members of the public, several of whom spoke against the proposals by Devonshire Homes to build 19 houses on land between Otter Close and Mallocks Close.

    Bill Bolt, Ken Mylne, Margaret Hutchesson and Colin Donaldson, David Boyle all spoke about their concerns including water run-off, traffic, over development, sewage and the same sustainability issues that were raised in the public inquiry appeal in 2011, such as lack of pavements from the site to the school, an infrequent bus service and lack of employment in the village, which all result in more car journeys – still relevant and contrary to national planning policy framework principles.

    Speaking as Tipton’s district and county councillor (I recently resigned from Ottery Town Council) I expressed concerns about the level of housing proposed and asked that councillors did not support the application purely for the affordable housing, as this has already been provided for in the Barton Orchard application last year. I raised the issue of capacity problems at local schools, particularly King’s.

    Councillors John Harding, Roger Giles, Martin Thurgood, Ian Holmes spoke against the application.

    Two years ago, the same developer submitted plans for 56 houses on the same piece of land. It was rejected by EDDC and then later dismissed at appeal.  Largely on landscape and sustainability grounds.

    Devonshire Homes says the land not proposed to be built on will be public open space. Up to seven affordable houses are proposed to be provided.

    But Tipton St John is allocated 10 houses until 2026 in EDDC’s local plan and has already seen 15 dwellings approved last year, on land next to Barton Orchard (designated an area of outstanding natural beauty).

    Photograph:  Access to the land in question, that has caused some concern, as many residents believe it to be dangerous. I share their view.