• Ottery Town Council to oppose highways budget cuts

    4th November 2014 | News | Claire
  • Councillors branded the plans “short-sighted” and said that the proposals would not save money in the longer-term, with more people likely to sustain bone fractures, resulting in more hospital admissions and care.

    Cllr Roger Giles predicted that cars would be “slithering around” on the ice and that there would be more accidents. He added that it would cost Ottery Town Council far more than Devon County Council (with its large purchasing ability) to organise a grit bin filling service.

    Cllr Martin Thurgood thought that the cuts would cause a “phenomenal” cost to people and businesses and that things would “grind to a halt.”

    But Cllr Paul Carter suggested that it was now all down to self-help and he was happy to go out and help with gritting.

    Devon County Council are proposing to cut a range of important highways services, following massive government budget cuts.  If they go ahead, they will happen from April 2015. The cuts are intended for:

    – gritting and snow clearing routes
    – grit bins
    – picnic sites
    – grass cutting
    – weed treatment
    – parish lengthsman service
    – staff

    The consultation will continue until Friday 5 December and the list of proposed cuts can be viewed here – https://new.devon.gov.uk/highwaysbudget/feedback-form-highway

    Photograph:  A Devon County Council highways officer looking at a huge pothole at Harcombe, near Sidmouth (my ward) earlier this year, which closed the road for weeks.