• Ottery Town Council rejects Roger Giles bid to be mayor

    16th May 2016 | News | Claire
  • It has been a great honour to have been able to represent the people of this parish for 25 years. It would be an even greater honour to be able to serve the people of the Ottery St Mary Parish as its Mayor.

    Should I become the Mayor, I would devote myself heart and soul to doing so. I pledge to serve as Mayor for one term only – depending, of course, on this council deciding whether a “term” should be one year or two. And I would see my job as trying to involve all members of the council to the maximum extent, and making the best use of the different talents of all councillors.

    West Hill is a vitally important issue. It seems likely that there will be a West Hill Parish Council. I recognise that there are strong views on both sides of the debate. As Mayor I would try to ensure that the process is conducted with dignity and clarity. And that the outcome is reached with equity and fairness for all.