• Ottery Town Council blasts EDDC over local plan failure

    10th November 2014 | News | Claire
  • There was concern about the number of houses to built: “Ottery St Mary has seen an unprecedented number of planning applications granted which now means that there are 485 approved dwellings, compared with 300 which were proposed in the draft Local Plan (an excess of over 61%)”.

    There was also concern about the failure of EDDC to produce an adopted EDLP: “Ottery St Mary Town Council (OSMTC) wishes to express its significant concern at the continued delay in the completion of a Local Plan by East Devon District Council (EDDC). The lack of a Local Plan and lack of demonstrable 5 year housing supply is resulting in the burdening of Ottery St Mary and the surrounding villages and countryside within the parish with excessive and unacceptable levels of housing development.”

    Most councillors were critical of the situation at EDDC. Cllr Roger Giles accused the Conservative administration at EDDC of being “complacent and incompetent”. He said that a paper on the EDLP had gone to the EDDC Development Management Committee on 21 October, but it had not included the latest housing numbers. The paper, although of major importance, appeared to be of little interest to most of the committee members, and had received only minimal consideration.

    Cllr Jess Bailey said that EDDC was the planning authority and was not doing its job properly, and she was critical of the vague statements about the EDLP and the likely failure to have an adopted Local Plan before the summer of 2015 – thus putting Ottery under continued threat from developers.

    However Cllr John Harding (Tipton ward), reading from a prepared statement, argued against sending a letter to EDDC. Once a strident critic of EDDC planning policies and practices, he claimed that it would be scoring points in the run-up to next year`s elections.

    After a lengthy debate it was agreed to send the letter to EDDC with copies to Hugo Swire, MP, and the Planning Inspector. This was supported by most of the councillors present – but not by John Harding