• Ottery Road Closure update

    19th September 2018 | News | Claire
  • EDDC’s Building Control is awaiting the outcome of a structural survey of the buildings.

    We walked the routes that drivers are taking to avoid Silver Street, including Yonder Street, Batts Lane, Brook Street and Chapel Street.

    This morning at 10am it was relatively quiet, although we impressed upon officers at other times Yonder Street is extremely busy, with cars backing up into the Square. The movements in and out of Batts Lane and Sandhill Street in particular are chaotic, with reversing and manoeuvring to avoid collisions.

    There are also reports of people driving up Cornhill the wrong way once they realise the road is closed at the bottom of Silver Street. I have asked for improved signage to avoid this happening.

    There was quite a long discussion about the idea of introducing a one way system through Batts Lane and Sandhill Street. This was eventually decided to be not practical. Both for highways regulation reasons and because of the difficulty in signing.

    This may not make much sense to people reading this (and I will wear my tin hat before posting on Ottery Matters Facebook page) but three highways officers were all in agreement that this was not practical and their advice does need to be respected.

    I asked about an advisory local traffic route via Kennaway Road, to avoid the chaos of Batts Lane, but this was discussed and eventually discounted because of the potential impact of much heavier traffic on Ridgeway, which would not be ideal as much of Ridgeway itself is effectively single lane.

    I know this isn’t going to be popular but it is necessary unfortunately (insulated tin hat now firmly in place)…. Six parking spaces total, will be temporarily lost on Brook Street and Chapel Lane to make it easier for bigger vehicles to pass.  They will be available again once the scaffolding comes down.

    Regrettably, none of this easy!

    I asked for assurances on signage for a through traffic route. It will be diverted via Chineway to Honiton and the A30, with signage also being put in place at Daisymount and at Iron Bridge. This is being organised through the scaffolders, who have responsibility to put a diversion in place. Highways officers confirmed that they would liaise with scaffolders to get this in place for today. I emphasised the importance of this.

    I am this evening, attending a meeting of the Ottery Business Forum and will listen to their feedback and try and find the best way of helping.

    The clear message at the moment though is that the town is open for business, so please keep shopping here, despite the road closure!  Sainsbury’s car park is open as usual , as is the Land of Canaan Car Park.

    Tar Barrels
    I am trying to reach someone from the Tar Barrels Committee to discuss the possible impact on Tar Barrels night. Please could someone contact me as I can support the committee to liaise with the necessary authorities.  Thanks.

    As reported yesterday, the Stagecoach buses are picking up and dropping off people at the Sainsbury’s delivery entrance opposite the Land of Canaan Car Park.

    The Hatch Green buses (that travel from Sidmouth to Feniton etc) are smaller. My understanding is that these buses are collecting and dropping off outside Sainsbury’s.  They are currently reaching Feniton via Mill Street and Fairmile Lane.

    I think that is it for now, I will update with more news when I receive it.