• Ottery butcher’s sales soar as trust in meat plummets

    16th February 2013 | News | Claire
  • And last Wednesday (13 February), saw a whopping 50 per cent increase in sales, says proprietor, Kevin Tratt.

    He said:  “We are seeing people we haven’t seen for years and the customer count on Wednesday was up by 50 per cent, compared with a normal Wednesday.  People weren’t buying steaks so we don’t think it was Valentine’s Day sales.  There is a lot of conversation about the horse meat scandal.”

    “We hope to keep around 20 per cent of the increase in customers we are seeing.”

    Mr Tratt buys his meat from within a 10 mile radius of Ottery, most of which is free-range.

    Listening to the news about the meat supply chain for some of these processed meals, it is sort of sickening.  Meat is transported back and forth across Europe for processing, packaging and selling on. 

    Even if the meat had been beef only without horse traces, the expose of how this process takes place is enough to put you off ready meals for life.

    I really hope that this unsavoury business will prompt many more people to question where their meat comes from and aim to buy from their local butcher, instead of the supermarket. 

    There is something special about walking into a butcher’s shop and buying meat in the full knowledge that the animal has led a natural life in a nearby field and has met its end just up the road.  Not travelled miles to a industrial sized abattoir, or slaughtered in some godawful place abroad, with barely any welfare standards.

    Best of luck to Mr and Mrs Tratt and also to the West Hill Butcher, who has recently opened up by the garage at the bottom of West Hill Road.