• Ottery St Mary Town Council gets a new set of councillors

    5th May 2019 | News | Claire
  • Ottery St Mary Town Council has a a number of brand new councillors, in a move which saw several long-standing councillors lose their seats in the first Ottery Town Council election that anyone can remember….

    The new council is as follows:

    Richard Copus – 552 ELECTED
    Glyn Dobson – 662 ELECTED
    Peter Faithfull – 712 ELECTED
    Roger Giles – 1,175 ELECTED
    Stewart Lucas – 578 ELECTED
    Elli Pang – 605 ELECTED
    Dean Stewart – 710 ELECTED
    Richard Grainger – 98 – ELECTED (North Ward)
    Vicky Johns – 177 ELECTED (North Ward)
    Lyn Harding – 154 ELECTED (Tipton St John Ward)
    Geoff Pratt – 283 ELECTED (Tipton St John Ward)

    Ian Holmes, Josefina Gori, Paul Bartlett, Paul Carter and Anne Edwards did not regain their seats.

    Very best of luck to the new town council on taking forward the important work of the town and its surrounding areas!