• Otterton’s 20mph limit proposal rejected but there’s fresh hope around the corner

    5th February 2019 | News | Claire
  • Letter below that I delivered (with grateful help to three others!) around Otterton this morning…

    Dear Otterton resident

    Following my last letter to you in August relating to the proposal for a 20mph limit to replace the existing 30mph limit, I am disappointed to inform you that the relevant committee – SCARF – did not support the proposal or highways officers’ views, due to the village not having recorded a speed related death.

    This is the only policy area where the village is technically non-compliant. I have made my views clear to officers of the futility and shortsightedness of this decision, given the village support and the benefits of a reduced speed limit.

    But there may be a light at the end of the tunnel! A national review has supported the value of 20mph speed limits and a county council task group is due to report its recommendations on this and other related traffic issues shortly.

    The funding will be between £3000-£5000 to implement the new speed limit and I wrote twice to Ladram Bay to ask them if they would provide a third of this funding to ease the burden on the taxpayer. The hope was that the remainder would be split between my locality budget and parish council monies.

    Ladram Bay managers did not respond to my emails, however, I have been informed by the Otterton Parish Council Chair that the company has no intention of funding any part of the scheme. This is a great shame considering the amount of traffic that the holiday park generates in the village.

    Otterton Parish Council will decide whether to provide half the funding for a possible 20mph limit at its next meeting on Monday 11 February. Perhaps I will see you there.

    Yours sincerely

    Claire Wright
    Devon County Councillor – Otter Valley Ward

    Pic: The public meeting last January, organised by EDDC councillor, Geoff Jung and me, where over 100 members of the village turned out to have their say on planning issues and traffic.