• Otter Rotters take up new residence at the old Woods Farm recycling centre near Sidmouth!

    4th March 2015 | News | Claire
  • Roger Giles has long supported the group and has been instrumental in helping them secure the old Woods Farm site.

    Mandy Jennings is an absolute trooper. The group has faced so many trials and tribulations working in an area that is set up for big business and not for community not for profit groups.

    But Mandy’s tenacity has meant that scores of people have been helped get back into work, some of them have had troubled lives and volunteering with Otter Rotters has given real purpose.
    Whenever I meet the group I am always struck by the emotional attachment that the volunteers have for the scheme and their dedication to it.

    Mandy is the lynchpin. I will do everything I can to support Otter Rotters – and believe me, things are tough for them.