• Officials bulldoze over housing minister Nick Boles’s big idea

    4th December 2012 | News | Claire
  • Nick Boles, the Housing Minister, was slapped down last night following his proposal to build homes on two million more acres of rural land.

    The Department for Communities and Local Government said that “there were no new targets” and admitted that Mr Boles was using baseline figures that were five years out of date. “This Government does not set top-down Whitehall housing targets,” a spokesman said. “It is for elected local councils to determine how best to meet housing need.”

    Mr Boles said last week that people who object to development are selfish.  Earlier this year he labelled countryside campaigners as “hysterical scaremongering latter day Luddites.”

    This is the man that Mr Cameron thinks would be a good choice, not only for a government minister, for minister in charge of planning.

    The link is here: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/politics/article3619650.ece