• Office move scrutiny delayed until January

    27th September 2013 | News | Claire
  • Overview and scrutiny committee chairman, Cllr Tim Wood, said that it was not possible to bring the subject of the office move to the committee until 30 January, because the scrutiny agendas for the next three months are full.

    An officer said that a major report on the office move would be debated by EDDC’s cabinet on 4 December.

    I argued that it was probably the most important issue facing the council at the present time and with the large holes in the budget, the financial risk proposed and people’s anxiety about it, it was surely vital that the office move was discussed as a matter of urgency.

    But most of the councillors agreed with Cllr Wood’s suggestion, with Cllr Peter Bowden adding that deferring the matter until 30 January was a “well thought out argument.”