• No commitment on fewer homes and industrial estates

    25th March 2011 | News | Claire
  • Around 2000 residents objected and our campaign group, Communities Before Developers launched a district-wide campaign against the plans. The issue was featured on BBC Inside Out in February.  The LDF contains environmentally damaging proposals to grow the district’s population by a third in around 15 years, as well as building a huge amount of industrial estates and weakening protections for the countryside. 

    Yet EDDC councillors have not committed to scale back development. The most they can come up with are words like ‘may’ or ‘likely’ and ‘the figures need to be reviewed by consultants.  The LDF is the most damaging planning strategy that East Devon residents have ever seen and I don’t believe that these weasel words are good enough. It is now vital that the councillors elected on 5 May represent the views of the community and not those of the developer.

    For more information visit Communities Before Developers