• Nine questions for EDDC’s full council meeting on Wednesday

    3rd December 2012 | News | Claire
  • Cllr Paul Diviani is expected to answer the majority of them, with the final two – about a contentious planning decision involving one of my constituents, Kelly Lynch – likely to be answered by development management committee chairman, Mark Williamson.

    The format is that my written questions, which must be submitted several days in advance of the meeting, will receive written answers which each member receives when they arrive at Wednesday’s evening’s full council meeting.

    At the allotted agenda item, I will be asked whether I have a supplementary question on each, which will be dealt with there and then.

    My questions are below:

    1.      Please provide a detailed estimate of the full costs of relocation of the EDDC offices from The Knowle to Honiton. Please include all anticipated expenditure and income, including planning    
            application fees and associated costs, consultants fees, how much has been borrowed, and interest payments on any borrowing.

    2.      Please provide a detailed breakdown of all expenditure (as set out above) that has taken place to date, on the relocation project.

    3.      Please provide a detailed breakdown of the essential annual repair costs for The Knowle, for the last five years.

    4.      Please provide details of the essential anticipated repair costs for The Knowle, for the next five years, in the event that the relocation does not take place.

    5.      Please provide details of the projected build costs, equipment and furnishing costs for the new offices at Honiton

    6.      Please provide dates of all office relocation working group meetings

    7.      What is the justification for non-publication of the minutes of the office relocation group meetings?

    8.      What advice did the chairman of the development management committee seek from the legal officer prior to the committee reaching a decision on planning application 12/0928/OUT (Kelly Lynch)
            on October 16th?

    9.      How many instances have there been in the last five years, of a planning application being approved at development management committee meeting and, exactly the same planning application
            being subsequently being refused at a development management committee meeting?

    The council meeting starts at 6.30pm on Wednesday 5 December and will be held in the council chamber, Knowle, Sidmouth.

    The press and public are welcome to attend and speak at the beginning of the meeting.