• NHS Property Services and NHS managers requested to fully engage over community hospitals future

    30th January 2018 | News | Claire
  • I asked whether the CCG was now paying over £3m in rent charged by NHS Property Services for the community hospital buildings. It was confirmed that NHS England was still covering this rent so there doesn’t appear to be any imminent danger of them being sold off, but what a totally bonkers system.

    NEW Devon CCG will have to declare any hospital buildings surplus to requirements prior to NHS PS selling them off. As yet we don’t know which hospitals will meet that fate, but it is likely to be several, at some point in the not too distant future.

    So, a company (which claims when it suits them that it is part of the NHS family) acquires (helps itself) 12 community hospital buildings and charges the local totally cash strapped NHS such a huge sum of money based on some trumped up free market ideology, that it simply can’t pay, so another NHS body pays it instead… honestly what is the point?

    Let’s not forget either, the hundreds of thousands of pounds that local people fundraised for either the construction or equipment in these hospitals, which are all legally now in the ownership of the ruthless NHS Property Services.

    All over the country, former NHS buildings are being declared surplus to requirements and being sold off.

    I asked about CCG’s plans for community consultation. To say that the answer was vague was an understatement.  It appeared that there are little, if any, plans on this.

    Sonja Manton’s team have now been instructed to work with the health scrutiny committee on plans for what happens to these hospitals.

    NHS Property Services has been requested to uphold its undertaking to work with communities, county councillors and the health scrutiny committee on any plans it has also.

    Here’s the itemised webcast – https://devoncc.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/315015

    Pic: Sonja Manton and Alex Cameron present to the Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee last week.