• NHS extends consultation period on threat to community hospitals and sets up “stakeholder” group

    16th December 2014 | News | Claire
  • It certainly seems that our protests have had an impact!  Well done everyone!

    Briefing document
    Consultation on the proposed commissioning intentions for community services and in particular the future role of community hospitals began on 17 September 2014.

    Throughout this consultation Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (NEW Devon CCG) has actively engaged.

    In the Eastern locality we have received a vast amount of responses particularly in communities most affected by proposals for change to inpatient services.

    In addition through the consultation discussions there have been requests for further information by Devon’s Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee and others before decisions are made.

    As a result, we will produce a supplementary document setting out information about needs, resources, the options the CCG has considered and rationale for the CCG’s current proposed option.

    We are also currently reviewing the responses and questions received in the consultation so that we can then feedback the key messages received so far and address questions raised in the supplementary information.

    This additional information will be published on 5 January 2014 and the consultation will now continue until 15 February 2014 giving a further period to engage on these important issues.

    We are also setting up a stakeholder focus group In the Wakely area to examine the supplementary information, and engage with the CCG on the way forward for community hospitals and services in the area. We will also continue to engage in the WEB, Mid Devon and Exeter areas.

    We are clear that change is needed but we want to give local people more time and information to examine the issues in more depth. Whilst we have previously set out the CCG’s proposed option this is not a decision that has already been made and we are very happy to consider alternative options.

    Any decisions by the CCG regarding configuration must be sustainable and relevant to the needs of communities served but the CCG maintains an open mind as to the what that final solution will look like. We would like to thank everyone who has responded so far and would encourage you to continue to keep engaging in this important debate about the role of community hospitals and services in your area.

    The CCGs consultation is entirely separate to any consultation currently being held or may be held in an individual community by Northern Devon Healthcare Trust in relation to operational matters that may result in temporary change.

    These two consultations are not linked in any way and any decision taken by the Trust around temporary changes will have no impact on the CCG’s consultation, the options available to the CCG or the CCG’s evaluation and decision making.