• New bus service means winners and losers

    20th May 2013 | News | Claire
  • One of the conditions of homes being occupied at Cranbrook was that there would be an improved bus service from Exeter to Cranbrook through Ottery and on to Honiton and Axminster.

    This is very good news for Ottery town, but I have already had complaints from people living in Gittisham and West Hill.

    Ottery’s bus service will increase from hourly, to half-hourly as will Alfington’s.  Ottery and Alfington are on a direct route through to Honiton, so are easy to upgrade, I am informed by Devon County Council’s transport co-ordinating officer.

    Gittisham, however, will lose out.  Its service reduces from six to four buses towards Exeter and from six to five from Exeter.  This is already causing consternation among Gittisham parish councillors, who have objected to the changes. I am doing what I can to help, but I am informed that Gittisham is tricky because the bus makes a special journey to get to Gittisham so it isn’t on a through route. 

    It doesn’t seem fair that some communities are getting a much more frequent service, while others receive a less frequent one.

    In West Hill, there are concerns about schoolchildren catching the bus into Exeter schools, who, as things stand at the moment, will have a longer school day as a result of the changes.  And one of the late afternoon buses is proposed to no longer make a stop in West Hill.  Again, I am doing what I can to try and help change this situation, I very much hope that changes can be made.

    Here’s a summary of the changes:

    West Hill   –  An hourly service is retained
    Ottery St Mary –  Service increases from hourly to two per hour. A new journey arriving in Exeter at 0850 will provide additional capacity. There is also a later bus from Exeter at 2110.
    Alfington   –  Service increases from two-hourly to two per hour
    Gittisham   –  Service reduced from six to four buses towards Exeter and from six to five from Exeter.
    Honiton Service – Increases from hourly to two per hour. All journeys will pass the railway station. Journeys terminating at Honiton will operate a one-way loop via Rosemount Lane and Littletown Road into Honiton.

    In the morning there are several additional buses to Ottery St. Mary and Exeter.  There are also later buses from Exeter at 1740, 1801 and 2110.

    The revised timetable will be in place from next Tuesday (28 May).