• Natural England objects to EDDC’s Local Plan

    18th January 2013 | News | Claire
  • A planning inspector, will, later this year, will be the final arbiter on whether EDDC’s Local Plan is “sound” or “unsound.”

    Natural England’s concerns are summarised below:

    The impact of phosphates on the water quality of the River Axe due to what NE describes as a “significant” rise in population (1,050 houses).  NE report author, Lorna Horner, states that the reason for this level of development – to create a bypass for the town – may not be viable.  Mrs Horner also makes the point that EDDC’s consultants, Roger Tym questioned the viability of major development at Axminster.  Without evidence to support the scale of development, NE says the strategy for Axminster is unsound.

    Budleigh Salterton
    NE is objecting to the justification for “around” 110 new dwellings at Budleigh Salterton.  The town of Budleigh is surrounded by protected landscapes and the entire town is covered by an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty designation.  The only town in East Devon in which the designation washes over the whole town.  NE is asking for a cap on development at 110 dwellings.  Without the cap, NE regards the strategy for Budleigh as unsound.

    NE has put in strong objections to the five hectares of employment land at Sidford and also any development on the Knowle gardens.  There should be no loss of green public space, says Laura Horner, because of the town’s proximity to the highly protected pebblebed heaths at Woodbury Common and Aylesbeare Common.  Development on public open space in the town would create more pressure on these internationally protected areas and potential damage of the rare flora and fauna.

    The five hectares of industrial land proposed at Sidford, is unsound, say NE.