• National planning reforms to be published at Christmas

    16th December 2011 | News | Claire
  • According to planning blogger, Andrew Lainton, several sources are pointing to the 21 December as the day the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) will be released.

    It is unclear how much weight the document will be given in planning decisions once it has been published.

    Sources have also indicated that little will change from the first version, which was widely condemned by environmental groups and many residents across the country.

    If this is true the Government is simply being true to form.  The draft NPPF was released at the beginning of the summer holidays when ministers disappeared off on recess and clearly hoped no one would notice their 52 pages of environmental destruction.

    They were mistaken.

    They are mistaken this time too. 

    The fallout from their deplorable plan will hit them hard – ultimately in the ballot box.