• My odds drop to 9/2 with William Hill

    11th March 2015 | News | Claire
  • The Independent Claire Wright is making ground fast in the race to represent Devon East after the next General Election. Her odds, originally quoted at 66/1, have improved and now stand at 9/2 according to William Hill. 

    Hugo Swire’s odds have deteriorated again. In late February, he was standing at 1/12 and is now at 1/6. This further confirms Claire Wright’s position as the main challenger to the Conservative who has held the seat since 2001 but who has been widely criticised for neglecting the constituency.  UKIP remain in third position, at 18/1, followed by the Liberal Democrats at 40/1.  Labour trails in last place at 100/1.

    Claire Wright, already regarded as the independent with the best chance of success in the election across the whole of the UK, welcomed the latest confirmation of her position.

    “My team and I have been working hard to show that I have the best chance of unseating Mr. Swire. The local press has been full of supporting letters, not least in refuting some of my opponent’s ridiculous and patronising claims. For example, he wrote about independents ‘popping up’ and being ineffective in Parliament. I am delighted to have ‘popped up’, just like Mr Swire.

    We are both exercising our democratic rights. His claim that, effectively, a vote for anyone but him would lead to chaos, is preposterous.  If independents can do nothing in Parliament, I cannot understand how a vote for me could lead to chaos!

    “I started my campaign last June and my manifesto was launched in January. It was based on my experience as a town, district and county councillor and also on a survey that I undertook to find out what concerned local people. Since then, in many hundreds of conversations with local residents and representatives from local businesses, several key points have emerged repeatedly. 

    “Many voters are tired of the main parties, the system under which they operate and the absurd claim that ‘we are all in this together’.  As I meet elderly people, now denied readily available hospital beds or local buses, I become angry. 

    “Eight supporters have given the Conservative party £12.2 million so far during this Parliament. Is it right that so much is given to so few to rule so many?

    “I find it offensive that in this country, which has the fifth largest economy in the world, some people have to choose between heating and eating.  It is clear to me that voters want significant change.

    They are angry and frustrated with Conservative-led government at central and local level. They want to be represented by someone who lives in the constituency, knows about its problems and will always be free to speak and free to act.  If I am fortunate enough to be elected, I can promise that I shall listen to my constituents and work hard for them in Parliament.”