• My letter urging Hugo Swire to act over non stun slaughter trade deal with Saudi Arabia

    20th August 2018 | News | Claire
  • I am writing to express my serious concern at the above story.

    Last autumn, ministers voted through a downgrading of animal welfare legislation post Brexit. Your government labelled it fake news, but the reality was that the new rules shifted the responsibility for animal welfare away from the British state post Brexit.

    I lodged a motion at Devon County Council calling on the government to put that right, supporting calls by the British Veterinary Association.

    Michael Gove pledged to close any loophole that caused animal suffering.

    This deal shows that no such loopholes or pledges have been honoured by your government. Once again, the warm words and promises have not been met with the necessary action.

    In this instance the suffering to our animals that will be caused for the sake of a trade deal with a murderous ultra authoritarian regime such as Saudi Arabia, will be immense.

    The British government has a unassailable and moral responsibility to ensure that its animals that are destined for being killed for human consumption are cared for properly and killed as humanely as possible.

    This deal is a gross dereliction of that responsibility and is a moral outrage.

    I imagine that this news will horrify people all over the country. It is your responsibility as East Devon’s MP to act swiftly and make known your opposition to the deal.

    We are relying on you and your colleagues to prevent this deal from taking place and any others like it.

    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

    Best wishes