• My blog likely to have been deliberately targeted

    4th July 2012 | News | Claire
  • I am accustomed to deleting around 30 spam messages a day.  These are always completely random and unrelated to my website content, selling loans or containing links to websites, for example.

    But the messages I received yesterday and last night were completely different.  They were clearly from a dubious source, however, the content WAS relevant.  There were several comments to my quarrying blogs from residents apparently worried about quarrying in another part of Devon, for example. 

    But oddly, most of the comments were copies of those that had appeared on our old campaign website, Communities Before Developers (CBD), which myself, Roger Giles and other like-minded East Devon councillors and residents established during the autumn of 2010.  Many had rather baffling sentences inserted, which did not make sense.

    CBD was set up to battle against the environmentally damaging Local Development Framework.  We dissolved CBD around a year ago but the website is still available – http://www.communitiesbeforedevelopers.org

    I am now reliably informed that this sort of spam is from a specially designed computer programme – and on this occasion it appears to have been written specially for me.

    As my blog is set up to enable me to authorise comments, none were published.  But, I wondered, what was the point of these comments?

    My IT adviser’s view was that the messages would have been sent to undermine my credibility.