• My post election interview… and a Happy New Year!

    27th December 2019 | News | Claire
  • I was very sad not to be elected on 12 December, but I’ve had a good Christmas and will be ready to resume my DCC work again in the new year, among other projects.

    Thank you so much to everyone who has been in touch to congratulate/commiserate with me on my election result of almost 26,000 votes. Still shy of victory by almost 6000.

    There has been around 1000 emails amazingly, so I am still responding to people!

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and despite the national result and a big majority for the hardest line most right wing government in living memory, I hope we all have a great 2020.

    All we can do is keep challenging those in power. And the Conservatives certainly made a lot of promises in the election that they will be held to account over.

    Here’s my post election interview with Paul Greaves from Devon Live.