22nd October 2019 | News | Claire
  • Devon County Council has reported that that the Environmental Performance Board has endorsed prioritising work on key points within my 10 Point Green Action Plan and so too, has the Farm Estates Committee, who will take some of this work forward.

    These key points are:
    – increasing pollinators
    – Reducing pesticides and fertilisers
    – Habitat protection, creation and tree planting
    – Soil health
    – Reducing water use

    I requested the report at the most recent full council meeting, which took place on Thursday 3 October.

    I thanked officers for the their work so far and have asked to attend the next Environmental Board meeting and also that the Environment Portfolioholder identify green action champions within its Devon County Council farms to progress the plan. Cllr Croad agreed to these two requests.

    I will report more when there is more news!

    Pic: Walking through the beautiful Woodland Trust owned woods at West Hill.

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    Hello Claire, for me, by far the biggest issue is climate change. It is already affecting East Devon through sea level rise, temperature increases, loss of biodiversity. I won’t blast a whole load of facts at you but note that the predictions of scientists make terrifying reading. Speak to Professor Richard Betts at University of Exeter for example. I’m very much hoping to see a strong statement on climate change in your next manifesto. Yours sincerely Godfrey Whitehouse