• Motion for debate next week:  Lower the voting age to 16

    28th November 2012 | News | Claire
  • “There is growing debate about the voting age in this country to be lowered to age 16.

    At 16 one can get married, ride a motorbike, get a full-time job and pay tax.

    “This council calls on the government to lower the age of voting to 16.”

    It is proposed by me, seconded by Martin Gammell and supported by Roger Giles, Trevor Cope and Ben Ingham.

    I will be invited to speak on my motion, before my seconder also makes his case and then the debate is open for any councillor who wishes to contribute. 

    A vote will take place at the end of the debate.

    EDDC’s full council meeting is on Wednesday 5 December, starting at 6.30pm.  It is held in EDDC’s council chamber, the Knowle, Sidmouth

    Members of the public are welcome to address the council at the start of the meeting.

    The agenda is HERE