• Motion to defer office relocation - which way will it go?

    27th November 2012 | News | Claire
  • Proposed by Cllr Stuart Hughes and seconded by Cllr Graham Troman, both conservative councillors, their motion reads:

    “In light of the recommendation to abolish District Authorities in the Michael Heseltine report ‘No Stone Unturned’, this Council puts on hold its Honiton relocation plans until Government has ruled on the recommendations.”

    It is well known that the conservative group are making enthusiastic plans at very great speed, to flog off the Knowle and its parkland, making haste to get to Honiton … for reasons that are still very much unclear to the average person on the street – and the average independent councillor.  Saving five or 10 minutes on a journey and the apparent expense of the upkeep of what looks to be a building in very sound repair, seem two rather thin justifications for selling off the family silver to me.

    It seems that Cllrs Hughes and Troman are also baffled about the need to move and in what may be an unprecedented act of rebellion, are now challenging their conservative peers to vote against the move.

    The debate will come just a day after a decision is made over a planning application to re-develop the Knowle and its lovely parkland, covering most of it in flats and in the process, felling many beautiful mature specimen trees.

    So which way will the vote go on this motion?

    I think I know.  But I will thoroughly enjoy the debate….

    The EDDC council meeting takes place on Wednesday 5 December, at 6.30pm, held at the Knowle, Sidmouth.  Link to the paperwork is here – http://www.eastdevon.gov.uk/council_051212_agenda_.pdf

    Members of public are welcome to attend and speak at the beginning of the meeting.