• A tough time to work in EDDC’s planning department

    16th March 2013 | News | Claire
  • I wanted to put on record my own thoughts about the planning department staff, as well as the planning policy team.

    Although we don’t always agree (and often completely disagree!) I have a lot of respect for the planning teams that I work with at EDDC.  It is a tough job, you please no one and when something like this blows up there are many who suspect you might be on the take.

    If you try and leave to make a new life, you might be seen as tainted goods, thanks to Mr Brown.

    I have found the planning officers and planning policy team, nothing but helpful and polite at EDDC, often producing information for me at very short notice. 

    When I ask difficult questions, as I often do, straight honest answers come back – and I can tell when I am being fobbed off.

    Staff in other departments across the council are equally knowledgeable and helpful. 

    I really hope that people will not judge all EDDC staff, especially the planning staff, by the actions of one man.