• More flood misery for Feniton and the Otter Valley

    25th November 2012 | News | Claire
  • The same residents could be seen this morning ripping out carpets and making preparations to move out of their homes for a few months, while the damage was repaired.

    The fire brigade was called in to pump out water from around 20 Feniton residents houses.

    Dozens of other residents in Feniton and across Tipton St John, West Hill and Alfington, had gardens and garages flooded, with the water run off from the already saturated fields.

    With a large number of trees in the village, many of West Hill’s drains are well and truly blocked, resulting in water run-off into people’s gardens and garages, so I have put in a request for the most affected areas of the village to be visited by the lengthsman as soon as possible, given the urgent work going on in severely flood-hit places, such as Feniton.

    Myself and county councillor, Roger Giles visited residents on the edge of Feniton (in my part of the village), who had been up all night pumping out water from their homes, in a desperate attempt to limit the impact of the rising waters, which seeped through the walls of their cottages.  All their entrance points were piled high with sandbags.

    Now exhausted after working non-stop, sweeping and pumping water since the early hours, they managed to save their furniture and floors from the worst effects of the horrid muddy, dirty water, lapping at their doors.

    Other Feniton residents were trying in vain to pump out around a foot of water from their gardens, in time for this afternoon’s forecast of yet more rain, which will fall on ground that already resembles a bog.

    And the sewage is, once again, seeping up through people’s gardens, rendering their toilets unusable, in case of a nasty overflow onto carpets.

    I shudder to think what the impact of a further 50 houses will have….

    Feniton’s flood and sewage situation is critical.  Something MUST be done urgently.  It is not realistic to wait years for a £1.6m flood defence scheme. 

    Photograph:  One Feniton resident’s garden, after the heavy rain.