• More delays for East Devon Business Forum scrutiny

    22nd August 2013 | News | Claire
  • The committee, which has been beset by setbacks and restrictions, was, last month, informed that employment land issues – the biggest area of concern for many residents – should be off the agenda until the local plan is signed and sealed.  Here’s the relevant blog – http://www.claire-wright.org/index.php/post/no_employment_land_scrutiny_until_plan_has_been_agreed/

    The latest delay is outlined in the email below from an EDDC officer and seems to have been prompted, largely, by an earlier officer message – see link above.

    Would you please note that the next meeting of the Business Taff arranged for Monday 2 September has been postponed. 

    This is to await the outcome of discussions within the business community on the setting up of a forum. 

    We will invite representatives of the proposed business forum to a future meeting of the business taff with them to outline their plans. The Taff can then refer back to its previous discussions with business representatives and decide on any principles of good practice it would like to recommend in managing its relationship with the business community..

    In terms of the Local Plan further specific consultation has been recommended by the Planning Inspector. The launch of a new consultation exercise was agreed by the Development Management Committee on 20 August 2013. The consultation is in respect of changes to the earlier version of the plan, including

    a) the amended wording on the section dealing with the proposed business park at Sidford which is now more restrictive on commercial activity at the site than had been the case in the previous version of the document, and
    b) the removal of zones A & E from the proposed development at Knowle.

    Members of the Forum need to defer consideration any employment land issues until the new planning imspector has completed his work.

    I will contact you again once a new date for a meeting has been arranged.