• Marshbroadmoor quarry to be restored within a year

    20th May 2012 | News | Claire
  • When was Aggregate Industries given planning permission for mineral extraction from Marshbroadmoor?
    Marshbroadmoor gained planning permission in 1999 – it expires in 2015

    What is the amount of reserve left at Marshbroadmoor?
    It was reported at the liaison committee that there was in the region of 60 to 70,000 tonnes remaining

    Has Aggregate Industries been in negotiation with DCC about its intention to recommence quarrying? When did discussions between AI and DCC on this point begin/conclude?
    Quarrying here has never ceased – it’s been carried out on a campaign basis over the last few years

    What discussions with DCC highways officers took place?
    The material from Marshbroadmoor is transported to Blackhill for processing and has happened since 2008 (prior to that it was transported out of the site without being processed). You’ll recall that a planning application was considered by DM committee for the continued use of the Blackhill Plant to process material from Marshbroadmoor and Venn Ottery Quarries. Highway implications were a consideration of this application. See link to the report http://www.devon.gov.uk/loadtrimdocument?url=&filename=EEC/10/217/HQ.CMR&rn=10/WD2506&dg=Public

    Is two week`s notice for local councillors and local communities of commencement of mineral extraction acceptable?
    I don’t believe there’s a requirement for the company to notify as they are operating under their lawful consents. As far as I am aware the site has operated without significant complaint during its life.

    Are you able to confirm that the total remaining reserve at Marshbroadmoor will be removed in the period commencing 24 May and anticipated to end early August (based on two and a half months)?
    The company reported that the mineral reserves at Marshbroadmoor would be exhausted after this current campaign of extraction.

    When will reinstatement of Marshbroadmoor be completed?
    The restoration has started with a profiling of the side slopes. However, the approved scheme allowed for the removal of the mineral followed by the importation of inert waste material to fill back to original ground contours. Has it happens geological conditions (a fault) meant that there was less sand than thought. Given this, the profiles are favourable to provide a suitable restoration profile without importing waste material. We’re speaking with the company to formally agree the required variation and if all goes well I would anticipate the site would be fully restored within the next 12 months.