• Major housing appeal in East Devon dismissed

    20th January 2014 | News | Claire
  • The planning inspector ruled that EDDC’s lack of five year land supply and out of date local plan, although important issues, did not outweigh the damage to the character of the area that would be caused by allowing the appeal.

    Of particular note was a sentence that observed that the housing supply issue had improved in East Devon and was temporary in any case and any construction that took place would be permanent.

    The decision is great news because of the need for planning inspectors to be consistent with each other.

    EDDC officers had previously recommended approval for the application earlier last year, but this was overturned by councillors on the planning committee. An appeal was quickly lodged by the developer, Seaton Park, which is the same developer who wants to build 32 houses at Acland Park, Feniton and is part of the Feniton triple inquiry.