• Long-awaited safety works to Four Elms Hill to take place in the new year…!

    10th December 2020 | News | Claire
  • Long-campaigned for safety works to Four Elms Hill are now diaried for the new year, Devon County Council has confirmed.

    A reduction to the national speed limit to 4omph and a doubling of the central white lines has been deemed necessary by local people for many years to reduce the number of accidents, including at least one fatality.

    I have supported campaigners from Newton Poppleford Parish Council and EDDC councillor Val Ranger, on reducing the speed on the hill and doubling the white lines to deter people from overtaking for many years.

    The hill has been the focus of frequent accidents and at least one fatality, due to people overtaking and driving too fast.

    Campaigning for safety measures and discussions with officers and and meetings have been ongoing since 2017, when I first raised the matter at the East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC).

    It has been an arduous and frustrating process at times but I am relieved and very happy that all our work will come to fruition next month!

    Huge thanks to everyone involved, including Newton Poppleford Parish, Council, EDDC councillor, Val Ranger, local highways officers, and councillors with HATOC, especially chair, Cllr Stuart Hughes, who have all supported our position.

    We believe that the road will be much safer with its speed limit reduced from 60mph to 40mph and unbroken double white central lines, which are more appropriate to its gradient and bends.

    The hill will be closed between 11 and 23 January for the safety works, overnight, which will cause some inconvenience and delays to road users, but we are confident that when it reopens it will be a safer road.

    Here’s the background….

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